Let's play game journalist - guide to game journalism 2020-02-21

Tools, sources, methods of analysis and more for learning about new, old and upcoming games.

  1. FAST6191
    PDF of a guide to game journalism.

    Contents list
    Part I Introduction to journalism
    1 Primary Sources
    2 Secondary sources.
    3 Specialist skills and expensive tools/data
    4 Veracity of sources
    4.1 Correlation vs causation
    4.2 Wire services and story verification
    Part II Generating a list of things to watch
    5 Direct sources
    5.1 More narrow interests
    6 Indirect sources
    6.1 Intellectual property
    6.2 Legal stuff (finding it, reading it, knowing what to look for)
    6.3 Game rating, classification and censorship boards.
    6.4 Game translators, game guides, game testers and related concepts
    6.5 Electrical standards testing
    6.6 Leaks and after action reports from game developers, publishers and related parties
    7 User comments, comments from notable figures, meta analysis and in game events
    7.1 On the nature of comments
    7.2 Meta review ranking sites
    7.3 Notable events within games
    Part III Business stuff
    8 Stock markets
    Going long
    Shorting and short selling
    8.1 Popular stocks and basic ideas of stocks
    9 Game company income streams
    10 Earnings, financial statements and investor reports
    Investor relations. Investor reports, earnings predictions and matching thereof.
    10.1 Profit, income, expenses, expenditures, and loss
    10.2 Credit ratings
    10.3 Investor calls
    10.4 Investor removal of funds/investors pulling funds
    11 Bankruptcy
    12 Subsidiaries
    13 Mergers and buyouts
    14 Further accountancy and business lookup
    15 Hollywood accounting and the construction of the game industry
    15.1 Game industry makeup
    16 Lobbyists, industry groups, unions and you
    17 Game sales and sales windows
    17.1 What should a game cost?
    17.2 Game of the year and compilation editions
    17.3 Amazon and gamestop listings and the nature of placeholders
    17.4 PC download market, also console online premium services.
    17.5 Popular physical disc/hardware retailers (online, brick and mortar?)?
    Main bricks and mortar retailers, and some notable regional online, for the various countries.
    18 Consumer and morality advocacy/activism groups
    Part IV General interest section
    19 Game information databases
    20 Game conferences and you
    20.1 Notable game industry conferences
    20.2 Smaller conferences
    20.3 Hacker conferences
    20.4 Game jams and Tech demos
    20.5 Trailers and stage demos
    20.6 Awards and awards shows in general
    21 Science journals
    22 Competition/“esports”, challenge runs and speedrunning
    22.1 Competitive gaming and esports.
    23 Gambling
    24 Data analysis
    1) Unintended uses of a game, website, API or similar.
    2) Game playing
    3) ROM hacking analysis of files
    24.1 Historical analysis
    25 Test groups, focus groups and surveys
    25.1 Surveys
    25.2 Focus groups
    25.3 Test groups
    26 Review codes, embargoes, and riders
    27 Game theory and general design of games
    28 Market segments and game genres
    Part V Useful tools and analysis methods
    29 How to use a search engine
    30 Spreadsheet absolute basics
    31 Advanced text manipulation
    31.1 Column mode in notepad++
    31.2 Regular expressions
    31.3 Using grep, awk and sed
    32’s wayback machine and caching services
    33 Website analytics and web metrics
    Google trends
    34 News alerts
    35 Web robots, crawlers and spiders
    36 Metadata
    37 Google books
    38 Google groups (usenet text search)
    39 New websites/domains
    Change log:
    Initial release

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