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EZ-FLASH Omega Kernel Kernel 1.08, Firmware 8.0

The kernel and firmware for the EZFlash omega line of GBA flash carts.

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  1. Random freezing issue fixed

    EZ-FLASH OMEGA USER MANUAL Kernel 1.08 and Firmware 8.0 SHA1(ezkernel.bin)=...
  2. Fix for some freezing issues.

    SHA1(ezkernel.bin)= 7f19e1eb8017fa016538c554d0778a9ed80fe82d Changelog Fixed the freeze issue on...
  3. EZFlash Omega files

    This is the kernel and firmware for the EZFlash Omega line of flash carts. Changelog...
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    A ninja might cut it with a sword.
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    Stop using swords to cut cheese
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    Might have to get a new TV soon living room ones boot looping but works on one HD port lol
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  • K3N1 @ K3N1:
    There's a service port but its empty lol
  • Veho @ Veho:
    I often wish I was more skilled so I could reuse components of old broken down devices.
  • Veho @ Veho:
    I can do it with simple electric appliances. But any sort of data interface is above my skill level.
  • K3N1 @ K3N1:
    Use to be you could just buy mobo replacements but TVs gotten so affordable people are like fuck it and buy new ones
  • Veho @ Veho:
    Do LCD panels in TVs have some standard interface, or does every model have its own connection style?
  • Veho @ Veho:
    Can I just take a screen from one TV and plug in a mobo from another?
  • Veho @ Veho:
    Thought not.
  • Veho @ Veho:
    "For the most part the connectors are not interchangeable." Thank you google.
  • K3N1 @ K3N1:
    Don't know how married parts are depends on make and what not
  • K3N1 @ K3N1:
    Plus it could be an entirely separate fuse blow on the lcd controller board so hard to tell unless you really want to invest time and making constant small purchases
  • Veho @ Veho:
    I just want to tile my wall with all the old monitors my company keeps throwing out and plug them to a single video source.
  • Veho @ Veho:
    You can connect any screen panel to any mobo but you need a signal converter.
  • Veho @ Veho:
    And that's too much work for me.
  • ZeroT21 @ ZeroT21:
    A tv should be an easy fix as long it's not physical display damage
  • K3N1 @ K3N1:
    Yeah that's why people are like fuck it and spend another $350 on new tvs or monitors lol
    K3N1 @ K3N1: Yeah that's why people are like fuck it and spend another $350 on new tvs or monitors lol