Johnny Turbo's Arcade - Fighter's History Memory Dump Base Version

Pointer Search, Fighter, HELP

  1. Smoker1
    This Game is being a VERY big pain. I have run this Search over a dozen times. Seems you can only get a hit for Pointer Results if the Offset is set for xx######, and for this, it is around 5#####. I was able to find 1 Result for each items I was looking for, but nothing worked. Under JNoexs, ......

    MAIN Start

    MAIN End

    Addresses to look for
    32EA06E9E5 (Time) Value - 63 / 99
    32EA06E5DC (Health Bar Graphic)____
    32EA06EA00 (Actual Health Bar)-------- Value is FF / 255
    32EA06E5E4 (Character Select) (A = Clown, B = Karnov) 10 / 11

    MAME Cheat File Addresses
    1009E5 - Time

    1005DC - Health Bar Graphic

    100A00 - Health Bar Actual

    1005E4 - Character Select

    Seems the Pointer Search will spit out MUCH MORE than 30+ Results when looking for a Pointer. When Searching for the Address, as you can see, it will ALWAYS end the last 3 Digits with the Results from the MAME Version, but the Address is Dynamic.
    I tried these, but they did nothing, and they were the only lowest results. Any higher Offsets will cause a LOT of Results to show.

    [Inf Time]
    58000000 0345F808
    78001000 0050D1FB
    61000000 00000000 00000063

    [Inf Health Actual]
    58000000 0345F808
    78001000 0050D1E0
    61000000 00000000 000000FF

    [Inf Health Bar Graphic]
    58000000 0345F808
    78001000 0050D604
    61000000 00000000 000000FF

    This is a VERY big headache for me. I even tried 2 Depth, 3 Depth on another Dump, but the Pointer Search froze.