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Collision Course 1.2

| Collision Course |

Version 1.2 (February 2006)

For GameBoy Advance

Programmed by Donnie Russell
Copyright (C) 2006


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About This Game

I originally programmed an early version of this game for MS-DOS in the
1990's, inspired by Atari's classic arcade game Asteroids. In January 2006 I
decided to adapt it to the GameBoy Advance. For version 1.0, I rewrote much of
the graphics code and added the UFO. For version 1.1, I rewrote the graphics
code once again and added sound mixing and high scores.

Status Information

The top-left side of the display shows your current score and up to five of
your reserve ships.

Controls and Gameplay

Press START to begin a game of Collision Course.

Rotate your white triangular ship counterclockwise by pressing the left side
of the control pad, and right to rotate it clockwise. Apply forward thrust to
your ship by pressing the top side of the control pad. Your ship decelerates
when thrust is not applied.

Press the A button to fire your weapon at the green rocks floating around
your ship. Holding down the button causes your weapon to fire repeatedly.

Each large rock, when hit by your weapon, fragments into two medium-sized
rocks (20 points each), and each medium-sized rock into two small rocks (50
points each). Small rocks disintegrate completely (100 points each).

After all the rocks are destroyed, more will appear after a few seconds in the
areas indicated by the red arrows. Maneuver your ship out of the hazardous
areas before they appear.

At random intervals, a violet UFO will appear and begin shooting at rocks and
your ship. Destroying it is worth 500 points.

If your ship crashes or is destroyed by the UFO's weapon, you have two reserve
ships ready to replace it. For each 10,000 points you earn you will be
rewarded with a new reserve ship.

If your ship is destroyed, and you have no remaining ships, the game is over.

If your final score is higher than any of the ten best scores, you will be
prompted to enter your name. Press the control pad left or right to select a
letter, then press the A button to enter that letter and advance the blinking
cursor. Press the B button to move the cursor back. Press the START button
when finished. Please note that the letter under the cursor counts as part of
your entry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I've destroyed all the rocks, but no more are appearing.

Answer: One or more rocks are moving along and just off the edges of the
screen. Wait for a UFO to appear and watch the direction of its shots,
being careful to avoid the ones aimed at your ship.

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