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Car Physic Demo v6

New version with a better control, graphic and included collision with the ground. That should be every point that I have mentioned here before.

To make use of the collision detection I have changed the track to one that has more up and downs than the Norisring and that's Laguna Seca.

Here the main points of this demo:
+ stable physics
+ better control (quicker steering and return to neutral)
+ you can see the weight distribution
+ collision with the ground
+ timing that stops the best time of the session, with 3 sectors
+ 2D map of the track with the position of the car
- no collision with the walls
- no change of speed or traction on dirt
- so you don't have to stay on track
- no drifts, only light oversteer if you brake
- framerate goes down if there are many collision detections, mainly in the last corner

For now I have decided to start this project again and rework the code, because I ran in some problems with the physics in the last time (mainly the tyres) and I tried many things out in the last year that were only fast included.
That's the current state of my project. I hope you enjoy it.
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