Star Ocean: First Departure

I went ahead and started playing Star Ocean after being really disappointed in Crisis Core and ultimately deciding to delete it.

The game started out pretty easy with a healer and all, but once you lose the healer, shit kinda hits the fan. At the same time you lose the healer, you are left poor and defenseless to make it to the next town. Thankfully, the stuff is all fairly easy to kill. Now that I'm at about the third town (one with the coliseum), I have to wonder how I made it this far.

The game is really difficult to the point where my main character (Roddick) is the only one who can really take a hit, as he is the only character that can have a complete armor set (so far). At level 20, stuff around here can still kind of bring the smack down. I'm also not sure where the level cap is if I'm hitting this level so early on. I am impressed though. It reminds me of old school RPG's in the respect that it's fairly unforgiving. So much so, when I made the mistake of getting Game Over (damn mine on the mountain), my PSP did a super freeze. xD

I'm level grinding at this point while I try to figure out the skill system a little but more. I keep buying sets of skills, but then I don't know what to try to focus on after. At least some skills are self explanatory enough that I know to put points into them.

Fun game so far.


In Star Ocean 3 at least, you could level over 100. I'm not sure what the actual cap was, and I never got past the 70's in SO4, but you can get pretty high. I never got that far in the PSP remakes, but I definitely need to go back and play through em.
Ah. The series are really great. I continued playing them and loving it by every minutes. How I miss my PSP..
The arena is awesome leveling. Roddick is already level 35, and I have yet to move off of this land mass. He's now on Rank B. The dude who uses the big sword is too damn slow right now though. Can't get past Rank E with him. The future chick is Rank D at this point.
I didn't like the PSP remake, but it's all because of the graphics :unsure:
I'm kind of nostalgic and like the Snes tilesets style better than CG style.

I really like the series, but I never completed any games.
I played SO1 in japanese, and when the translation patch was released I wanted to play it again from the start but didn't play a lot.
I don't remember that the game was very hard.
Maybe the PSP port changed the game difficulty?

For SO2 I played up to the last stage, and I lost interest when I had new games to play. I never went back to complete it (yet).

I'm currently playing SO3, I think that game difficulty is really bad. It's not progressive, some strong enemies gives not much exp, when older and very easy one give 10x more exp than stronger one :angry2:
The same enemies from 2 different battles can have huge difference in strength where in one I'm killed in 1 strike, while on another battle they don't hurt much.
The difficulty was progressively set until I reached 3/4 of the story. I made 20Lv per character on the same battle for days, but it's still not enough. (I'm now lv70, just completed the Sphere company)
Now I have to save almost after every battles :(

I tried SO4, up to the first boss. I want to complete SO3 before playing SO4 seriously.
SO4 doesn't seems too hard for the moment.

Character on SO3 and SO4 can go up to Lv255
*Sigh* the PSP remake made the game way too easy imo :huh:
Then again, power leveling can make this game real easy, real quick.

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