Phaedrus - The sparrow, advisor of the hare

To care nothing for oneself and to give advice to others is foolish: we will prove it with a few verses.

The sparrow rebuked the hare, which had been seized by the eagle, and cried with "Where is your famous speed? What have you done with your
feet?" As he was speaking, the hawk seized him by surprise and slew him, who still cries out and moans in vain. The hare, barely breathing: "Behold, I die comforted! You who a little while ago, without giving a thought, mocked my misfortune, now, with lamentations similar to mine, mourn your fate".

[ Sibi non cavere et aliis consilium dare
Stultum esse paucis ostendamus versibus.

Oppressum ab aquila, fletus edentem graves,
Leporem obiurgabat passer: «Ubi pernicitas
Nota» inquit «illa est? Quid ita cessarunt pedes?»
Dum loquitur, ipsum accipiter necopinum rapit
Questuque vano clamitantem interficit.
Lepus semianimus: «Mortis en solacium!
Qui modo securus nostra irridebas mala,
Simili querela fata deploras tua».]
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