Phaedrus - The frogs who fear bullfights

The humble lose out when the powerful fight.
A frog, catching a glimpse of the bullfights from the swamp, said, "Alas, what a ruin is about to come upon us!" Another asked her why she was saying this, since the bulls were fighting for the sovereignty of the herd and were living far from them. He answered, "Their abode is separate from ours, and their race is different; but he who is driven from the kingdom of the wood will come to hide into the lonely recesses of our swamp, and he will trample us down and crush us with their hard hooves. It is thus that their fury has to do with our head."

[ Humiles laborant ubi potentes dissident.

Rana in palude pugnam taurorum intuens:
«Heu quanta nobis instat pernicies!» ait.
Interrogata ab alia cur hoc diceret,
De principatu cum illi certarent gregis
Longeque ab ipsis degerent vitam boves:
«Est statio separata ac diversum genus;
Expulsos regno nemoris qui profugerit,
Paludis in secreta veniet latibula
Et proculcatas obteret duro pede.
Ita caput ad nostrum furor illorum pertinet» ]
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