Phaedrus - The butcher and the monkey

A man saw hanging in a butcher's shop, among various goods and foodstuffs, a monckey and asked what It tasted like. Then the butcher jokingly said: "As is the head, so is the taste".
I consider this joke more witty than true, because I have often found
bad, the good; and many bad looking ones, I have experienced excellent.

[ Pendere ad lanium quidam vidit simium,
Inter reliquas merces atque obsonia;
Quaesivit quidnam saperet. Tum lanius iocans:
«Quale» inquit «caput est, talis praestatur sapor».
Ridicule magis hoc dictum quam vere aestimo;
Quando et formosos saepe inveni pessimos,
Et turpi facie multos cognovi optimos.]
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