I'm pulling a DarkFlare

As the title says, I'll be leaving for an indefinite anount of time, then very likely come back later (which is what "pulling a DarkFlare" is).

From tomorrow afternoon I'll stop developing and reverse engineering stuff. If you have a bug or a disfunctional feature in my homebrew then you're out of luck. If I'll be able then I'll fix a small bug in OCDM, but other than that I'll end support for my homebrew as soon as I post this blogpost.

I've also left all Discord servers, and I'd leave Discord too if I didn't have a few people only available on Discord (since they moved from Skype).
Also, please don't bother me on Telegram unless you know the reason for this decision and wanna talk with me about that.

And what's the reason for this?
I've been giving hints to people all this time. Those who know have either a negative attitude (bashing my type and telling me it's cringy (which it is, but still rude)), or don't even think that I have been giving hints. Sadly only one person is okay with it, and only 3 people accept me like that (and it turns out that one of them is also that type as I am (edit: he blocked me :cry:)).

Anyways, the tl;dr is is that I can't handle it anymore, so I'll leave

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Smh, It's sad how many people are shallow.

well, It's sad to see you go, Good luck on whatever you're doing I guess.
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I pulled a DarkFlare once. It's definitely something I'd recommend; just stepping back for a while and distancing yourself, recollecting your thoughts.

Good luck out there.
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I definely won't come back after tomorrow afternoon; this is *definitely* not going to be a short DarkFlare pull.

@EthanAddict nah, you're fine dude :P feel free to ping me 'till tomorrow afternoon, I'll respond ASAP
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I don't know all the details, but honestly, someone knowing about whatever fetish you might have is kind of a dumb reason to leave a website, and making a blog drawing attention to whatever it is you want hidden probably isn't a good idea either.
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DAX was the MAN back in the day. THE reason I had a hacked PSP and got into the Homebrew scene.

I always wonder what happened to him.
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@Subtle Demise aaand you're right! but...
1) this isn't really a fetish, more like a "lifestyle", but that's argue-able
2) those who didn't recognize it yet won't find it out anyways (or at least that's what I thought)

also, I'm not leaving *a* website, but basically leaving nearly the entire internet for a good while, I just thought I'd tell before people'd freak out again if I'm gone for too long
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