I want to delete my account

That's right. This is not clickbait, I really want to do it. I don't really feel I have a place on this site anymore. I tried to change the poll theme around to be more community friendly, I tried to do less stuff in the edge. I still got treated the same way :(. As for the Big Wii Ner thing, that was just an attempt to get the poll feature back,it actually isn't funny, even to me. I can't find any sites to poll, and the one I did find, people from here followed me just to harass me. I don't really feel I have a place here anymore. I've slowly got closer to deleting it and I'm on the edge on deciding to do it.
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Contact a mod then, let em delete it.
You might come back for the info tho.
I also had my ~2005 account deleted cause I thought I wouldn't need it anymore ("F### the videogame industry" thats what I thought).Then the GBA- errr Switch Lite came out and I had to return.
Wow, people thought this was to get attention
Most of my threads actually aren't for that
I'm really getting tired of this site
You all hate on me for making polls, even when I started to remove them from the EoF
I hated the rap thing but when I stopped
Things still happended
I don't want people constantly posting about me, it's really annoying at this point
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My actual genuine advice is to lay low for a while and only post useful stuff outside the EoF. GBAtemp is actually forgiving but if this goes on and on you will forever be known as "the retarded poll guy" no offence of course.

Also I want to make clear WiiMiiSwitch is definitely not the worst member we have had by any means and I do not hate him or anything like that myself.

I guess I will lock this now.
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