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It's been roughly three years (give or take a week) since I have found out I was an otaku. Plus I've decided to start changing my avatar periodically again to whatever I feel like and not simply keep the same one for more than a month.
Still don't have internet but have access to a library... my tales of Japan and how my bitch aunt ruined a big part of it are coming soon!
To all American GBATemp members who choose to read this blog today, have a Happy Independence Day. You can choose to discuss what you are doing or planning to do today. Hope everyone has a great Independence Day!
Well a miracle has happened.... maybe. I don't have to go to my aunt's, but we will be losing internet on the 7th of July.... but we will have to move to either Southern or Northern Illinois. I'm not excited for either of those places, as I still won't be able to go to college but it's better...
Well, in a couple of days I'm going to be homeless...sorta.I'm going to be living with my aunt for an undetermined amount of time. So college will wait...again. And I'm not gonna be on this site for a while.
Well Prop 29 has failed (tobacco tax), Scott Walker has been reelected (not much of a surprise). I'm tired of our damn conservative Supreme Court.... Scalia is a douchebag, Clarence Thomas's vote is up to the highest bidder and Samuel Alito is pretty much corporate America's bitch., I'm so sick...
I'm bored and tired of life at this point. I feel like everyday is now officially blending into each other.Regardless, it's Easter.I don't know perhaps, I'm feeling this because I'm not playing any "wow" games at the moment. Or perhaps it's the fact that I'm bipolar and the depression is kicking...
It's been a bad day, she's been crying all day long poor guy went into cardiac arrest minutes after she handed him over to the vet. Poor little guy.
Yes, I'm also going to Hokkaido (and Tokyo) this Summer. I'm so excited, I'm deciding which cities to visit. Sapporo and Asahikawa or Sapporo and Hakodate. So hard to choose they all look so beautiful.
What's happened to Liberal America? More people are voting Republican, yet all they get is anti-abortion, anti-gay bills. No jobs. I can't understand the South, most of them are poor but they hate government, yet they love Social Security and Food Stamps. Why are people so stupid? :cry:
Now I have 1000 posts (technically 1001) but still. I now aim for 2000 posts. I'm so glad to have 1000 posts. Now I shall begin my quest for 2000.
My 1000th post is such a big deal that I will be making 2 blog posts about it one to commemorate 999 posts, and another to commemorate my 1000th post. I can't believe I've made this many posts and I'm just a post away from 1000. And I'm 3 days early. My date that I planned to have 1000 posts was...
I can't believe it it's finally here. SUPER Tuesday!!!!!!!! My predictions Alaska: Rick Sanctorum Georgia:Newt Gingrich Idaho:Rick Sanctorum Ohio:Mitt Romney Oklahoma:Rick Sanctorum Massachusetts Mitt Romney North Dakota:Ron Paul (long shot I know) Tennessee:Rick Sanctorum Vermont:Mitt Romney...
I wonder where it went, sure the nights were long, but much of Illinois didn't see much snow. I don't mind Spring but I miss Winter, it's my favorite season. I can't believe it will be ending in less than a month. It begins on March 20.
I've been playing LovePlus for a while now, and I love Manaka, she's my absolute favorite!! She's so awesome! I hope Konami/ Nintendo/some other company brings over New Love Plus, though it is very very very very very unlikely, I'd place it at 3% likely. Nonetheless I absolutely love Manaka!
I can't believe it I'm just 100 posts away from my goal of 1000 posts!
It feels odd that I'm writing this, but this will be another lonely Valentine's Day, another year where I feel like I've accomplished nothing in life. Oh well maybe 2013 will be better, I doubt it though. I think I've grown to start hating life.
I've finally made it to 800 posts. Only 200 more until my goal of 1000.
I miss him so much. I don't want him to be dead. He had just made it though the 30 hour mark, the veterinarian said he would probably have made it if he survived 24 hours, but when I was feeding him, I kind of knew he wouldn't last the night.
It's taken a long time to get here but I've finally hit 750 posts, I feel slightly happy, I might actually get 1000 by March. Now I shall go play more Steins;Gate.
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