Free Space & Failed Downloads

Bubsy Bobcat
Jul 9, 2016
If I was downloading something in freeShop and my 3DS happens to crash or freeze during the download, will the unfinished download clog up my SD card, and does redownloading the game fully clear the failed download or not? If not, how do I clear the failed download taking up my SD card?

» 2 Answers

  • Prot8toPot8to_
    Feb 15, 2017
    no, it will not clog your sd card and redownloading the game does clear it. it doesnt eat up space.
  • The Real Jdbye
    Feb 15, 2017
    @Prot8toPot8to_ That wasn't the case for me. I closed the lid during a download to see if it would continue downloading, and it crashed the app. Upon restarting the download, it started over from the beginning. I don't think the incomplete download ate up space on my SD card though, as I checked the free space afterwards.