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    OK this is more of speculation but think about these for second:
    1. Next gen consoles are closest we've seen hardware wise compared to regular PC so emulation should be easy if it's even needed at all.
    2. Xbox one should be running windows 8 and it's reserving much of its memory for it so it may actually need it for something.
    3. As seen on this thread E3 demos were regular HP windows 7 machines with nvidia graphics cards.

    Not only these but as there are so many restrictions I'm pretty sure there's at least couple hackers already having their fingers burning to get access to one of these very strict devices and crack it wide open.
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    Original Xbox uses x86 (Pentium III) and we still do not have a decent emulator for it. Just because it is close to PC does not mean it'll be easy to write an emulator.
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    emulation would be wasteful because the architecture is the same as the computer that would run it, virtualisation would be the way to go.
    I my memory serves me right, from the first X1 announcement, they said that the game wont run from the win8 kernel based software but would run next to it. The win8 thing has nothing to do with running games, it's there to allow you to browse the web and watch tv while gaming. Active switching is done from a hypervisor

    those demo build could have been compiled for win7 or for a dev kit

    That means cracking the encryption(s), the semi-custom api and the server authentication process, among few other bits.
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  4. Rydian

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    The company getting the games to run will be easy.

    End-users however, will have difficulties. You will not need to emulate the CPU or GPU, but you still have all the technical problems of writing translations. Look at how long it took WINE to hit 1.0.
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    The games presented on E3 were builds made to natively work on Windows 7 - they're nothing like the final product. If it was that easy to run them on a PC, we'd have Mac users running XBox 360 games on their two G5's strapped together with magic duct tape at this point.
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  6. SifJar

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    Apr 4, 2009
    At one of the pre-Wii E3s Wii games were being run on a slightly modified Gamecube, but you can't actually run them there. As Foxi4 pointed out, those games were built to run on the hardware they were running on. Actual Xbox One games will be built to run on an Xbox One, and nothing else. It certainly won't be "easy" to get them running on a PC, although it is perhaps "possible".
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  7. lokomelo

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    It is possible to emulate a video game in order to run a software that you have (on disc or on hard drive). On XBone, even if you have the game Blu-Ray, not all needed files are inside there. For what I read, to install a game you will need to be online, so before any attempt of emulation we need to know how will be possible to dump games from xbone HD with all this cloud powerd stuff.
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    Hardware virtualization (as would be the more optimized route for playing Xbox games on PCs) can in some cases be more difficult then emulation to achieve. When you virtualize the game hardware, you have to write driver software and additional software so that the software (the games in this instance) will get along with the PC hardware.

    And don't forget many PCs a have different configurations like different video card chipsets and stuff and this increases the difficulty in making it work on most PCs without big problems. Had you built an emulator instead, it would be more stable on more PC configurations and depends more on emulating the hardware and less tweaking to the software to make the games get along with the "emulated hardware" that the emulator is presenting to the game. Emulating anything beyond that of the Wii can be difficult to do without major frame rate losses as emulating a high end PC on a high end PC won't have good results. Remember that old adage that you need hardware that is 10x more powerful then the hardware you are emulating?

    Yeah I don't think a PS4 or Xbox One emulator will be coming out anytime soon. Perhaps in about 20 years when computers are basically using quantum technology or something. So unless you have access to super computer, you ain't gonna get a XBox One/PS4 emulator anytime soon. lolz

    So yeah...not too surprising that the original xbox still doesn't have a decent virtulizer to run it on PCs. :P
  9. Rydian

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    Well when writing an emulator you need to handle that stuff anyways...