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    Jan 22, 2021
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    Hello friends, I'm fairly new to soft modding the wiiu. First I wanna say thank you to everyone on this site. I learned a lot from you all and through a lot of youtube videos.

    I'm looking to install games to the wiiu formatted USB using the WUP installer GX. Do I have to keep my games forever in my WiiU INSTALL folder on my sd card in order to play them after they've installed on the system nand or the wiiu formatted USB? I'm only asking because it appears that my game appears corrupted when I remove the game from the INSTALL folder.

    My current setup has the following ( I use to be a freelance videographer so I have a bunch of random large external hard drives) :
    -1 hidden 2TB hard drive with Y cable formatted to FAT32 to play gamecube and wii games.
    -1 3TB hard drive with Y cable formatted to the WiiU.
    -1 500GB SD card formatted to FAT32.

    What I've currently done so far:

    -Installed Haxchi over a purchased version of Brain Age.
    -Installed Homebrew channel and the wii u forwarder.
    -Installed RetroArch and the wii u forwarder.
    -Installed wii64, a forwarder, and sign C2W patcher to overclock.
    -installed nintendont on the vWii with a WiiU forwarder.
    -installed Configurable USB Loader on the vWii and a wii u forwarder.
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    no, you don't need to keep the files in the install file. delete them once the game is installed.
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