Wire-Free Charging Technology Elevates Video Game Controllers

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    Hands On: Psyclone TouchCharge for Gamers

    The Psyclone TouchCharge is wireless in the same way that track lighting is wireless--which is to say that it really isn't. The contact-based charging device is available for Xbox ($69.99), Wii ($59.99), and PS3 ($49.99) controllers, with attachments for the BlackBerry Curve and Pearl, and Motorola RAZR V3 offered as well for an additional $34.99 each.

    With attachments for charging two controllers, the TouchCharge cuts cable clutter in half, requiring only one AC adapter in place of two USB charging cables for a PlayStation 3. The PS3 version is compatible with the built-in rechargeable batteries included with each controller, though Xbox and Wii users will have to shell out some extra cash for rechargeable batteries (included in the elevated price of respective TouchCharge units).

    To receive power from the TouchCharge, controllers and cell phones can be in contact with any section of the charging pad, so with some fancy maneuvering, you could in theory charge more than two devices simultaneously.

    Starting at $49.99, the TouchCharge is not a huge investment, but until it can charge my devices completely wirelessly without the need for attachments, I'm going to stick to the included power cables. Psyclone TouchCharge models for gaming controllers are available at Best Buy, while cell phone charging pads and attachments can be purchased through WildCharge.

    Source: http://www.gearlog.com/2008/11/hands_on_ps...uchcharge_1.php
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    Whatever happened to the 'true' wireless chargers for Wii that supposedly used a form of induction to charge, or was that just a hoax?

    TouchCharge looks cool but I'm not convinced. I'll be sticking with my dodgy unbranded NiMH AA's.
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    Wireless power has been achieved to a limited extent.


    Shaky proof but proof none the less. (Not sure of its source. I just googled it.)

    Soon a power cord will look dated and a recharger will be sitting at the bottom of a box in the basement or attic. Your kids might laugh at your old consoles because there will be nothing in the house that powers them.....
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    I for one think that power cords will never become obsolete. Wireless power will always be less efficient than wired power, because it has to rely on more energy conversions (electricity to some kind of EM wave back to electricity). Also, it'll be less reliable, there may be disconnecting once in a while and you lose all your work on your computer.

    Just like WiFi will never be faster than good old wired connections. [​IMG]
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    Wire free charging? Sure it would be cool but wouldn't you die from radiation?
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    Nice bump.