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    Hey folks.. I have a problem with my WiiFlow. Before I get into things I would just like to make it aware that I am a 100% Noob at this and a lot of the hacking and emulation installation was done through guides if not trial and error.

    However I've installed WiiFlow (Latest Version) perfectly to the best of my knowledge. Followed each and every step of installation, seems cool to load up on HBC etc. So no problems here.

    The FIRST problem I had was the 'ErrGame4' issue. So after digging around the right forums... (Found the solution right here actually!) I managed to find out I needed to install all the IOS files etc which I done with 'PimpMyWii' so I guess theres no Problems here.

    Now.. The SECOND problem is that now that I have installed all the correct IOS, When loading WiiFlow, I go into my USB Partition. I can see the games I've put on my USB. But when I select them now to play.. instead of displaying the 'ErrGame4' Error.... It just takes me back to the Wii Menu.

    What am I doing wrong or what do I neeeeeed to do!?

    Before anyone tries to help which I am thankful for, please go easy with any complicated steps as I have previously pointed out that im a little noobish to this whole thing so if you can please break things down to an understandable level to a begginer it would be much appreciated.

    Many Thanks
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    Might be a better idea to go ask in the Wii Backup Loaders section. This doesn't look like a good tutorial.