WiiFlow and DML - loads disc in drive?

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by Skyline969, Jul 1, 2013.

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    Nov 18, 2008
    I'm currently trying to get GCN backups working on my Wii, but to no avail. I have DML 2.10 Real NAND installed, and formatted my SD card to FAT32 64KB clusters. I'm using WiiFlow 4.1.3 from here: https://code.google.com/p/wiiflow/downloads/list

    This is a fresh install, all previous configs were wiped. Now, I can set it to load from my SD card (no other config changes were made) and I can see the test game that I threw on there (Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles), but when I load it, it goes and loads the GCN game that's in the disc drive (PacMan World 2). Without a disc in the drive I get an error saying something along the lines of apploader size is zero. I'm not entirely sure why it's doing that, but hopefully someone here who has a grasp of how this works could help me out. I'd really appreciate it.

    EDIT: I read now that the disc in the drive for DML is unnecessary, so I've removed it. I installed PacMan World 2 through WiiFlow so I know that it dumped perfectly, but after ejecting the disc and trying to load the game I'm getting "Fatal error apploader size is zero!". This is confusing and frustrating, considering that I'm using the latest versions of everything and still getting the issue. More research!

    EDIT(2): Tried a 4GB SD card formatted FAT (not FAT32), 64KB clusters, just copied data from my 16GB card. It worked! Now I just need to figure out why.

    EDIT(3): I'm suspecting that it's an incompatibility with DML and my SD card (ADATA Class 10 16GB). I'm going to backup all my games, format my hard drive, re-arrange the partitions, and install DM and see if that works. Gonna take a long time to do (lots of files on those hard drives, USB2.0 can only go so fast), so I'll update when it's done.

    EDIT(FINAL): Well, looks like it was an incompatibility with my SD card. I switched to DM, formatted my hard drive properly, and I'm enjoying Tales of Symphonia as we speak.