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    I'm sure this has been asked before, but honestly I've spent the last few hours searching and can't really find anything. So for my sanity, I'm going to just ask here.

    I've seen GCN Wii U injects, but they do not work with the GameCube controller adapter, right?

    However, there is a way to install Nintendont on the Wii U as a WUP, which then forwards to Nintendont in the vWii. I found a post here that had one that I installed, it allows me to play on the gamepad but I can't use the adapter. Also, I have to unplug the console and replug it in to get out of the game. That same thread had a loader.dol for a forwarder, but I can't find a non-vWii forwarder.

    Is there anyway I can install GCN injects that are compatible with the gamepad AND GameCube adapter (doesn't have to be at the same time) OR a forwarder on the Wii U menu portion that allows me to use the gamepad and adapter (again, doesn't have to be at the same time).

    I want to do this because I have two hard drives and every time I unplug the Wii U hard drive to plug in the other it completely reorders everything on the Wii U menu.

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    I don't think that's possible I don't know much about how it works but using the gamepad disables the Wii remote (I'm pretty sure) not all Wiis had the gamecube port only the launch ones so the software (may or may not) read it correctly read it the USB ports are finicky on the Wii u. and honestly youll probably face input lag (maybe) I'm guessing you want to play melee with your friends right. also the 2nd inject overwrites the previous inject. Sorry but your dream may be dead. Just buy a second Wii don't buy the mini or whatever it's called. Wiis are pretty cheap anyways.
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