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    Nov 30, 2009
    I have a USA region Wii U on Firmware 5.5.1.
    I have installed Haxchi 1.6 Channel, not the one that autoboots.
    I have the Homebrew Channel installed.
    I am using the Brazillian Method.
    Use WUP installer to install games to external hard drive.

    I use Wii U USB Helper (ver 0.6.1,146) and get games that way. I do own all the games I have downloaded but have young kids and they end up scratching the disks so running from a harddrive is very convenient.
    I have been able to install WII U games to my external hard drive and they work great.

    My questions are this:
    1) If I download and install a game that has a DLC, do I need to run haxchi before I play it?
    2) I have not installed any Virtual Console games yet. Do I need to run haxchi before I play them?
    3) Same with Wii games, do I need to run haxchi before playing them?
    4) Is it safe to play games online (so far) without running haxchi first?

    Want to keep it simple for my kids, so that all they do is start the system up and select their game from the channel menu.

    I have been able to play games without running haxchi first with DLC's that I had previously purchased.

    If indeed I need to run haxchi before playing any game with a DLC , is it as simple as just installing Haxchi 2.0 (autoboot) from the homebrew channel? Do I need to uninstall haxchi 1.6 first?

    Not really sure what CFW is, custom firmware?
    Don't really understand tickets. I have done nothing with tickets. I just download the games using USB Helper, install them using WUP installer, and that is all I am doing.
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    1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. No vWii is a different hack (unless it's a wii game from the eshop. Those can run from sysmenu)
    4. Online play is fine.

    You don't have to have CBHC to use a sigpatched sysNAND. It's very convenient but if your worried about your kids formatting the sysNAND then just use haxchi.

    I think your confusing HaxChi 1.6 and CBHC 2.0. CBHC just autoboots Haxchi eliminating the need to tap it first.

    You can set up haxchi to boot to system menu without CBHC. It's done in the config file for haxchi on your SD. With either method you will be in a sigpatched sysNAND which is a version of custom firmware.
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