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Why does my wii u say 30 and not 01, I thought there were not any board revisions of the wii u.

Nearly nobody knows that.

But dude. Yes, there were "Mini-revisions" for WiiU. They just changed the NAND of the WiiU to a different manufacturer. Some very small changes.

You most-likely got that WiiU via buying a "Splatoon 2/Mario Maker"-bundle.

So you have a newer manufactured model.

However: no changes to the functions were made. Your WiiU is just like the old 2012-model. It`s the same size of the nand-chips. The processor (ARM integrated and PowerPC) is the same. Same GPU(s) and well.

The WiiU was a perfect-working console after all. I never had any problems with the 1st-model. So why would you change more with it? See? That´s why you didn´t need a revision.

Typically revisions are only there to produce something much cheaper and to replace bad-quality/poor-quality components through better models.

In order to produce something much cheaper (and gain more PROFIT) you have to make heavy cuts to the functions of your console.

The later Wii-models took the Gamecube-BC. And the "Wii Mini" made it a non-online-capable console even!

The "Nintendo Switch Lite" (newest revision of the Switch) does a similar thing, because you also have CUT FUNCTIONS (such as not capable to connect it to a HDMI) and even lower quality-Joyconns (it seems, newest reports show this, Nintendo wanted to even cut more functions and make it a lot cheaper, but they were stopped).

So yeah. All in all- The WiiU never got a real revision.

This is just...like with a processor being newer (but still exactly the same) and still draining the same amount of energy (so no die-shrink), but just being newer. E.g. if you cut out some errata on processors...that´s what you could compare it with. A simply newer chip with no new functions but also no cuts.

Very similar to the 1st Revision "Wii" consoles as well (which just used a different brand Disc-driver so that it doesn´t have problems with duallayered Wii-discs after a few years of operation). The 1st revision Wii-console didn´t have a cut function.

It just had the same online-gaming capability as the normal Wii (1st generation) and it had the Gamecube-BC intact.

There were rumours that Nintendo might have Planned to cut the Wii-BC on a "possible WiiU revision"...but. Well- eh. I think that would have cut too many functions away.

And also wouldn´t work, since you don`t simply make a "MCM" (which means you have 2 or more chips on the same substrate, but on the same die! The WiiU was the first console to do it like that, Wii was quite similar though), and then suddenly you cut the main-processor of it away.

That would lead to failures i think.

The OS also wouldn´t allow it since you would have to severely CHANGE the WiiU´s OS in order to tell it "No Wii-BC exists any longer" which means you would have to cut the Wii-BC-software away from the OS of the WiiU and other stuff.

Remember? The Wii many years ago didn´t have an OS to begin with. So cuttin away the Gamecube-BC didn´t require you have to re-program the whole OS.

But the WiiU uses an OS. And thus you simply can´t away the "Wii-processor", because that would require rewriting the whole WiiU-OS to begin with.

The problem of all that was that the Wii-BC was so deeply integrated into the WiiU´s OS dude. It was literally a main-function of the system.

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Oh and dude? I also noticed (compared to earlier model WiiUs) that your COILS are of lower-build quality (typical lower-quality coils shown in your picture) compared to older models.

Now look at an OLD WiiU (from 2012-model) and you notice they look quite different (higher-build-quality).

A highend-quality coil does have ALL ENDS of the coil covered with plastic.

A low-end coil is just a coil with NO coverings (meaning you just see a coil itself, there is no case, no markings, no numbers, just a plain piece of metal).

And your coils here are just the middle-class of coils meaning they have parts covered.

"Why do you cover coils"? Simple: In order to make them more energy-efficient. They consume less energy. And they also produce less "coil-whining" (you heard of that?) or none. And they have less you know discrepancies...

Why do you use lower-quality coils? In order to save $$$$ dude. In order to get more profit.

Here is a picture, where you can see how a highquality-coil looks like (the grey, small boxes, as i said, they are covered from all sides!):


So we have another thing they clearly changed in the "2nd revision WiiUs". Coils were changed to lower-quality ones. And the NAND is from a different vendor (i dunno which vendor though).

--------------------- MERGED ---------------------------

Edit: Forget what i said:

They did NOT change the coils. lol.

You just have the picture placed differently! lol. Meh. My mistake in not noticing this first... So scratch the coils. They did NOT change the coils.

So they -like i said first- only changed the NAND-vendor to a different. The size of it is the same.

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When you say Splatoon 2, do you mean the splatoon and mario kart 8 premium pack? (Edit, I have the mario maker premium pack but I was just wondering)

Yeah sorry that was a typo. I meant the Splatoon/Mariomaker-Bundle. That`s coming with the latest model of the WiiU. Well if you want to call it like that lol. SInce like i said: They did only very minor changes to the Motherboard.

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^^ Yeah that´s possible. However i dont´see any changes here. Since the Gamepad´s logicboard is so tiny and mainly full of lowend-components such as transistors and varistors and resistors...There are only a few chips here. And those aren´t expensive. There are no big coils here or big capacitors, on which you could save many $ in production by using a cheaper model xD
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