wii is corrupting usb everytime

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    Apr 19, 2014
    Not sure if this in the right section, figured technically it is a usb drive so it is hardware.

    SO using a 16gbusb stick. every time i launch anything from the homebrew it works. but the next time i turn on my wii, everything is blank.

    i throw my usb stick in to my pc and it is telling me it needs to be formatted OR the stick is corrupted due to bad sectors. i scan it and usually 90%+ of the stick has bad sectors.

    this si the second stick the wii has done this too and it has already bricked a previous usb stick.

    can anyone shed some light on why this is?

    every time i restart my wii or turn it off. then back on whenever. i have to reload all my apps, games, etc. just to get them to work once before the stick getting corrupted again.
    I am getting really frustrated and can find absolutely nothing on this topic.
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    What format is the usb? Fat, NTFS, WBFS?
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    Pulling out the USB while it's being written to? You probably know better than to do that, but it's something that could cause this.