Why am I getting the DRE?

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    I have a DMS wii and a wiikey. I use high quality media (Ritek for DVD-R, Verbatim for the one DVD+R DL) that has been working for about a year. I did the solder job, and I'm a little less than proud of the job I did. It works, and I made a solid connection, but there's some burnt residue from a terrible job a friend did earlier on different areas of the wiikey. it had me worried, until I put it back together and quickly got addicted to SMG. :]

    But as of just recently, the wii has decided to stop reading disks altogether. Even originals, and gamecube games. This gives me hope that the wiikey might still be working, but then it worries me that perhaps my disc drive got damaged somehow. However last night, after having left it unplugged for an hour or so, I plugged it in and it successfully loaded Brawl. For about 5 seconds, after which the DRE came up.

    I was thinking about getting some compressed air and blowing it into the disc slot, and in the rear fan, but I dunno if that could damage anything. Lord knows I don't wanna try. But I need to get a better idea of what to expect before I open it up.

    Could it be a dirty lens? a bad solder joint? A dyslexic disc drive that needs replacing?

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