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Discussion in 'EDGE' started by dbspanks, May 2, 2010.

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    I am in the market to get a new card and I'm tossing around the idea of either the AK2I or Iedge, I currently have used a few different cards( R4, DSTT, R4I Gold, and Edge) and want to get a new card. Which one of these 2 would you guys suggest based on support and compatibility? Any help or suggestions would be greatful.
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    Apr 14, 2010
    Search feature is your friend [​IMG] Lots of info on this site about this

    Both are very good, you wont go far wrong with either as long as you buy from a reputable source
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    Feb 23, 2009
    Well from my research AK2i fits my needs with a great firmware and some basic features. The Iedge however seems to have a few extra features such as slow motion.

    Here's a basic comparison on shoptemp: [​IMG]

    More extensive comparison:


    Features & Characteristics

    When updated with the latest firmware, the iEDGE offers the following functionality:

    * Commercial and homebrew game support, and automatic protection patcher.
    * Supports MicroSD and SDHC cards up to 32GB.
    * Touch to execute OS system with PDA-style interface.
    * Utilizes Moonshell for multimedia for video and mp3 playback.
    * Action Replay compatible cheat system.
    * Brightness adjustment for Nintendo DS Lite.
    * In-game soft-reset.
    * SlowMotion mode functionality.
    * Full download play support.
    * Built-in PassMe for GBA slot-2 expansions.
    * Multi-lingual user-interface.
    * Save games directly to MicroSD. Includes automatic save type detection.
    * Supports clean ROMs.
    * Non-spring loaded MicroSD slot.
    * Fully upgradeable bootstrap to combat firmware blocking.
    * MicroSD/SDHC card reader included.

    Features & Characteristics

    When updated with its latest firmware, the Acekard 2i offers the following functionality:

    * Perfect compatibility. No need to convert or flash.
    * Write save files directly to the microSD card. No more save type selection.
    * Auto-patching DLDI. Run homebrew programs without conversion.
    * Support for Soft-Reset, download and Wi-Fi play.
    * Supports microSD and SDHC cards. No maximum file limit.
    * Action Replay support with built-in editor.
    * Low power consumption with longer play times.
    * Easy to use. D-pad and touch screen controls supported.
    * Multi-lingual and customizable skin interface.
    * Built-in slot-2 launcher and GBA expansion pak support.
    * 4-level brightness adjustment.
    * Supports text reading, mp3 formats, and movie playback.

    Additional features and functionality with AKAIO:

    * Wii connectivity.
    * Homebrew Soft-reset.
    * Multiple save slots per title - with copying/cutting/deleting and backing up/restoring SAV and NDS files from the GUI.
    * "Future adaptable" Multi-loader support.
    * Slot-2 integration - EZ 3in1 (w/GBA Patching), eWin 2in1, and older FlashAdvance Pro carts.
    * Multi-page Start Menu.
    * Filetype-based external icon support.
    * Per-game settings for soft-reset/download play/cheats and GBA Frame support.
    * Expandable support for multiple language GUI translations.
    * Wi-Fi plugin and Cheat Database, loader updates and automatic download resume.

    Personally AK2i seems the best choice to me. A good place to buy they Ak2i and cheap is simplymods.com. I'm almost certain they're legit and they offer the cheapest prices around along with fast shipping. Also you could wait for supercard2 but it depends on if you need those extra features or not.