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  1. phoenix1234

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    Nov 18, 2010
    OK so Christmas is fast approaching and I need to get a present quick sharpish....

    so i need some info. on which tablet, here is the criteria:

    its for an 11 yr old
    Budget: £150-£170 MAX!!!
    preferably with access to the Android market
    Usage: basically web browsing, ie Fb and games
    net access would be through a 3G dongle
    it doesnt have to be superquick but anything around the 1GHz mark would be nice

    anything else i need to add just let me know

    If you guys have any suggestions, could you please provide a link to reviews/bargains etc or at least give me the model name

    i have looked at the Archos 101 and the Archos Arnova 10" G2, neither of these have access to the android market

    Thanks in advance for any help you may provide
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    If you can spend a little more money you can always get the Kindle Fire. You can hack it and get the Android market on it. Has a Dual-core processor as well.

    OR you can the B&N Nook Color for like $150 I think, and you can hack that to get the market on it.
  3. Quietlyawesome94

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    He would probably have to import them though. But +1 for the Nook Color. it is in the process of getting a ICS port.
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    Nov 27, 2006
    hmv are doing a deal right now on a tablet, its half price around £179 i found the deal instore but you should check thier website to see if the offer is still online.