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    For others playing along MKDD presumably = mario kart double dash. Best to note such things or assume those doing it might never have heard of it (2003 so those 10 year olds playing it at the time are now nearer 30 than not, and the 18-21 year old university students that are bored and looking for a project might never have played it as Wii would have been around by the time they started on games in earnest). I also got a server error on that link.

    Paid for ROM hacks are a tricky thing. Money makes lawyers perk up. To that end such things are generally discouraged around here. Not to mention payment is tricky here -- you are not likely going to be stumping up a top tier code/reverse engineering type wage for this one so it is more beer money than anything else.


    Physics is what causes that so you are in essence asking people to add mitigations for that for things that never had it (most of those issues are not present in LAN play, much less LAN play of the day) and were never designed with it in mind. Doing this from a ROM hacking perspective is a nightmare, doing it from an emulator one is worse saving that you emulate two of the same system on one PC (we do it all the time for handhelds and it solves a lot of problems) and then fire the video, audio and controller data every which way it needs to go.
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