where to start (homebrew)

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    title say it all... basically , I want to learn how to program stuff on the 3ds, so when the time comes and homebrew is release, I can do what i want with my 3ds... anything that would jump start my brain on this subject would be great... thanks..
  2. Duo8

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    Jul 16, 2013
    Learn ASM.
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    From what I have seen and basic logic says it would also work best that way then it will be very similar to the GBA and DS before it, they have some great programming tutorials.

    As Duo8 said though it is probably going to be ASM for a while until the libraries get built up or ported over (I reckon the 3ds should be able to handle SDL which would be nice). ARM11 seems to be the order of the day though the GBA and DS stuff will probably get you very close if you do not fancy reading a very dry ARM reference manual, similarly where the reference manual will probably just be the ARM instruction set and processor quirks the GBA and DS stuff will cover the general theory of operation in them (though the likes of http://www.3dbrew.org/wiki/Memory_layout may speed things up a bit)

    Also have a look around the ROM hacking sections as a few of those will have some good stuff too.

    It is not an easy style of coding or even one that is overly useful in the modern world.