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    Aug 6, 2018
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    The TL;DR of it is Im migrating from gamecube to wii because getting 480p out of a gamecube is expensive. Ive got the wii part of the modding working perfectly I think, plays dvds and the backup of my games that I've tried. The gamecube stuff I've tried so far also works, and in 480p too :D, but I'm curious about the force wide screen option in nintendont(well gx usb loader using nintendont). On the cube using swiss even over composite swiss' wide screen hack rendered the missing sides of the screen, at least in sunshine and twilight princess, does nintendont do that and if not what does it do? I'd rather have the 480p than the extra wide render if I had to choose , but mostly I'm trying to learn how all this stuff works.

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