What's wrong with my laptop?

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    I bought another gaming laptop which is the lenovo y510p (dual 755m) I updated the drivers because I upgraded it to windows 10 pro now I cannot get it to detect my gpu at all it just comes up with intel hd 4000 graphics even though I downloaded the geforce drivers and installed them went smoothly, restarted and now no games see the 755m drivers (fallout NV, and 4). I checked device manager and they appear in there wtf. What gives? Please help someone :(
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    Whilst I do not know how it is for your Lenovo laptop specifically, I've seen this happen on Dell laptops before. The solution I found back then was to install the drivers from the company website directly (in your case, this would be Lenovo) rather than from nVidia. You can find their available drivers and updates using your serial number when you go on their website. A quick google search pointed out a few people having problems with this laptop using later drivers and found that specific older drivers seem to work better.