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Discussion in '3DS - Games & Content' started by superspudz2000, Mar 29, 2015.

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    i like the 2DS. it reminds me of the old Gameboy. just a solid grey brick. the GameGear felt good in the hands as well. I have a 3DS XL for the bigger screen, but it just seems like some games scream out for a hinge-less, solid piece of hardware. and considering the 256mb internal memory only stores a handful of DSiWare, i might as well load up the 2DS to ease the burden.

    Fluidity Spin Cycle
    a gyroscope game, you have to rotate the 3DS around 360 degrees to solve puzzles. apparently it gets annoying with a hinged system. a 2DS is pretty much required for this one.

    Topsy Turvy Life: Turveys strike back
    you turn the system upside down to play, using the touchscreen to launch attacks. its a spinoff of the old 8-bit shooters like Gun.Nac, Star Force, Star Soldier, Xevious, but this time you play as the enemy launching waves of alien ships at the hero on the bottom.

    Topsy Turvey Life: Turvey Drops
    a rather generic action puzzler. played upside down.

    Bomb Monkey
    played Sideways like a book. a little easier to hold on 2DS, as your left hand can cover the entire top screen, but where this really shines is Multiplayer, being single system multiplayer, players sit opposite each other and use Dpad and ABXY respectively. 2P using top screen, 1P using bottom. it might sound like an odd way to shoehorn in multiplayer in the absence of Wi-Fi, but its pulled off brilliantly.

    Darts Up 3D
    yeah, its crap, but come on, $1.50. and at least the core concept works fine. motion controlled darts just seems like a no brainer, and its great for quick system-less multiplayer.

    Pinball Pulse - the ancients beckon
    pinball should be played using BOTH SCREENS, VERTICALLY. kind of a no-brainer!. this is where 3DS pinball Fails hard. all 3DS pinball offerings use the most awkward unintuitive way possible, TOP SCREEN HORIZONTALLY, nonsense. so we are stuck with DSiware pinball. and the smaller gap between 2DS brings it closer to a decent portable pinball experience.

    Little red riding hoods zombie BBQ
    Screen Gap. nothing worse than characters instantly teleporting between the huge black bar between screens. also 128 blocks.

    Animal Boxing
    Screen Gap, plus is played upside down. also 115 blocks.

    Magical Whip
    Screen Gap.

    GO Series Defence Wars
    Screen Gap
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