What is a Secure Value, and how can I delete it?

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    I'm SO sorry about asking this, but what is the Secure Value of a game, and how can I delete it?

    I've been looking some stuff about editing save games, specially one that caught my attention was the Pokemon Shuffle save editor, because now I can comfortably play without worrying about the damn jewels!

    But in the middle of the procces, I saw that I had to delete the secure value, and I've been looking for an explanation of what secure value is, but I have gotten no answer!

    Sorry again for the noob-ish question, I'm kinda new here at GBATEMP.
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    Secure value is basicly a anti cheat check which happens every time the game save it will save a value to both you game save and the 3ds nand. What happens is that both value have to equal for the game to load the save. So if you dump you save and edit it the inject it and then save the game. If you re inject the same edited save the secure value will not equal as your old edited save still is using old secure value it will give you a save is corrupted message. One way to fix this is if you have a save backup you can delete the current save(do not do this with out a backup save) and make a new save. You the dump the new save and find the secure value using a hex editor which is in diffrent locations depending in what game it is. Then copy the secure value and open your old save and just paste over the old secure value. Then just inject the old save. Another way is just to always make a new dump save every time you want to edit something. Some games i beleve you also could just straight out delete the secure value to bypass the issue(not so sure about this)

    Edit: I believe secure value only applies to .cia save so cartridge games should work fine without having to keep makeing a new dumped save.
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    Hello. I'm new here. I need some help with Secure Value. I don't know how to get rid of Secure Value when I use Pokemon Shuffle Save Editor with OoT3DHax (homebrew). Could you please tell me how to delete the secure value while using homebrew? Or if there is a way to restore my old save? Thanks in advance. (Sorry if I sound like a dork)
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    Umm rlly, He said he was using Pokemon Shuffle Save Editor. It explains alot for how you can get an awnser
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    Are there any difinitive hacks and heats for Shuffle on Android yet? I don't want to get caught cheating, but some of the Pokemon are basically paywalls...
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    Sorry for going off-forum for this but, if your rooted, you could try to dig up the inner application files, to see if there is a thing for Gems/Jewels.

    You would use Root Browser and go to data/data/<Pokemon Shuffle app signature> and check the files used a text editor.
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    Savedatafiler, you can delete Secure data from there.
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    This is why svdt is so useful. It backs up your saves, and if you enable Secure Value Rewriting, it fixes it up 4 u as you import it.svdt 4 life.
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    Thank you guys so much for helping me. I'm quite new to this, but learning as I go. But really I wouldn't have known how on my own so again, thanks :)
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    I used the pokemon shuffle editor and saw what you mean, "Remember to delete secure valve", This is the best way around it.
    • Download SVDT to your 3ds (Dont be stuipid like me and forget about the .XML file)
    • Install it like a normal homebrew app and launch it
    • Choose Pokemon Shuffle
    • (Make sure the save file is on your SD card) When SVDT opens find the savegame file on your sd card and press Y on it
    • Press SELECT to overide the one in the game
    • It will ask about secure valve, When it does choose the first option (A), if that doesnt work do it again but use the 2nd option (B)
    That should get rid of secure valve, I know it does coz i only did it not long ago (A few hours ago)

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