"What firmware does ?????? Requires?"

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    I'm sure some of you have seen this ask more than once about games that get released, not just for ps4 but for any console. So I'm making this topic to not only ask to stop but to help you understand. These are a few things that should help quell your interest in concerns about firmware requirements for games. But if you see this question you must first understand why is asked.

    • Player is intereted in new games but also wish to keep low firmware.
    • Player usually would keep low firmware for possibility of future hacks, exploits that may become of the system.
    So those are common reasons why someone would ask this question. Usually newer games will require a more updated firmware, and games come cannot play without them, some games come with firmware updates just in case one cannot access the internet for whatever reason. But now i'm gonna share some common information you may find useful to prevent asking these questions.

    Common consoles
    • All consoles since 2006 and forward (PS3 XBOX360 WII) And maybe even future consoles will always get a firmware update required to play a new game.
    • Game updates will come on the game itself and if inserted into the system, will ask for update if the system cannot play the game.
    • They also have online features such as the multiplayer and digital store which requires sign in to the specified service (Name is different for each console but basically the same structure.) Usually unless you try to sign in to the service (For example Playstation network) It may ask you to update.
    These are just few ideas of when a update is required. But the question is "What firmware does ________ Require?" Well Based on this knowledge you can now know that
    1. Not every game require firmware updates (Especially games released during the start of the console life.
    2. Games will only update when required if you do not have the required one installed already.
    But i also mentioned the online services... well let me explain that. I noticed that using some consoles like My playstation ones for example, that sometimes when i sign in to playstation network, it will ask me to update. This means unless you want to play online or whatever you do on it, you need to update. Is now a mandatory thing. Sometimes it won't ask even though there is a system update available, those are most likely not required and can still access online services like the playstation store. If you try connecting to PSN and did not get asked for update, most likely you have the current firmware required to play all available games at the moment.

    Details in example.

    Now there is some things you can do besides asking about the required firmware, just to name a few...
    • Buy a second system for priority use. While i know people aren't rich and can spend 2X as much as needed for the systems, people who do have enough will and have done this. One is left to collect dust (Or box sealed) Until their prayer is answered to get a exploit and hack, and other is used for playing games (Like a console should) There is members here who can back me up on this fact.
    • Wait for information to be released. I'm sure lots of people don't like waiting but patience is golden. Eventually someone will disclose this kind of information to the public so that people will know, especially with popular games. Remember, that people do have multiple consoles, for hacking and priority, so most likely they will be the ones who share this to others who are also curious just like you. Sometimes you just have to wait. Which i guess is hard when a brand new game comes out you really wanna play but then my next point stands...
    • Play the game. Buy it, play it, be happy. Or you can just keep waiting until you get your way, I'm sure you all know you are waiting for a POSSIBILITY of a exploit for the firmware you got, and i say that cause that is what it is.
    I know some of this isn't what you may want to hear but this is based on observation. Not every console at the moment latest firmware has exploit discovered yet. My ps3 super slim (Grill) on the latest firmware has no known exploit at the moment, but i guess people are still working on it and takes longer than the others, but is all possibility. Is based on community work and ones efforts to try and get one, and how some can choose what to do with it like the ps4 exploits that been found but not release for public use.

    So while you are sitting there waiting for something that is based solely on someone else to come through you have a high priced console waiting to be used, and even might end up regretting or trying to sell. I'm not saying this to be mean but you bought a video game to play, i think is better focused on enjoying it. But is up to you to decided weather you want to play the $300 console you bought to get entertainment from or wait for a unknown amount of time for your prayer of a exploit to be come possible, especially if you aren't the one doing it. This is why I prioritized the word POSSIBILITY, in case people wondered.

    I only made this to help people understand somethings, and if anyone has other information to contribute please share and add so that it can be easier to understand.
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