What do these codes do?

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    There's some codes for megaman battle network 5 double team DS that I don't understand. They're all in the GBAtemp update for the usrcheat.dat files.

    What is the entire "debug" folder for?
    What are the soul mods for? Do they permanently make you have a soul fusion or whatever it's called?
    3D sprite codes? I wasn't aware there was any 3d in this game [​IMG]
    What's the otenko statue?
    4.5 mystery mail? WTH

    Some of these codes make no sense, and I'd prefer not to just randomly test them out. Can anyone help?
  2. basher11

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    1. debug codes. im guessing its the talk to bed get something cheat. you just get stuff.
    2. you change form to something else, not permanent unless you keep the code on.

    the rest i don't care [​IMG]
  3. Prof. 9

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    1. They enable you to use special debug functions the developers left in to test the game. Things like activate Bass Cross or Sol Cross, get a lot of money, get all BattleChips, etc.
    2. Not sure but afaik, yes.
    3. They change Mega Man on the bottom screen when you're not jacked in.
    4. After using that code you can play a special minigame at End Castle near Otenko's (a giant sunflower) statue. You rack up points by swatting bats and you can exchange those points for special rewards at the Boktai trader in Oran Area 2. Normally to unlock this feature, you need to insert a Boktai game in the GBA slot, the code is for people who don't have those games.
    5. It unlocks a special sidequest that nets you 50000z if you complete it. The sidequest isn't normally available in the US version because to unlock it, you need to insert Rockman EXE 4.5 Real Operation in the GBA slot, which wasn't released outside Japan. You can start the sidequest at Lan's HP.