What am I doing wrong?

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    So I've got around to getting my PSTV to work and it has 3.20 OFW so I did almost all as indicated here http://wololo.net/talk/viewtopic.php?f=65&t=40302 but then when I get to Content Manager, in Applications from PS3 to PSTV it doesn't appear anything.

    I can't transfer any applications (games) of Vita/PSP to the PSTV for some reason because it shows up empty. x_x

    I've got like 3 Minis' games and 1 PSP demo so I don't understand why I can't transfer it. I really want to hack it to play PSP games on it!
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    1. you need to have SAME PSN on both devices
    2. DONT use Content Manager from Sony, INSTEAD USE QCMA ( http://wololo.net/downloads/index.php/download/8241 ) it does the same thing with less the hassle
    3. you will also need to go to the settings on QCMA then go to OTHERS tab, CHECK OFFLINE MODE, and make sure your CMA Protocol Selection is set to MANUAL
    and that your CMA Protocol version is set to FW 3.10 - 1900010 or maybe yours needs to be FW 3.30 - 1900010, since your fw3.20 either way one of them should make it work

    CMA by sony was a big headache for me when i dropped it and use QCMA everything was better :)

    Hope i was of help