Weird download speed situation.

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    Sep 3, 2013
    So, I got a new ps4 last night. Downloads on the main system menu are abysmal(estimate around 60kb/s) and throttles the connection for every device in the house. Download speeds in rest mode seem about full speed, as did downloading the system update in safe mode, no throttling on both. Sharing my laptop's wifi through a crossover cable gets full speeds as well, again no throttle. Is it something on my end? Is it in the PS4's firmware? I'm at a loss here.
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    Some people have had good results with lowering the MTU setting of the PS4 in the network settings. 1473 is a popular one, but it's said anything under 1500 but over 1400 might help.

    Personally, I just think Sony does some wonky stuff with their internet. PS3 and PSP were both really slow for me.
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