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    So got rid of my wii cause I got a wiiu.

    Now I have a 160gb external hard drive it pulls the power from a wall socket. It was formatted to wbfs as I did it when the USB loader first released.

    I formatted it and made a 160gb fat 32 and the rest ntsf

    The games I kept are iso from what I read they need to be in a folder named wbfs

    So my questions are

    Do I need to change the iso format?
    How do I set usb loadergx or wii flow which ever is recommended
    Do they need to be on my SD card?
    Can we use forwarders?

    Sorry I read the guides but doesn't say how to setup the hard drive to work and if usb loader can load iso files.
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    You no longer need to format your hdd to wbfs, you can use FAT32.

    Here is a helpful guide to setup wiiflow on your vwii. All of your questions should be answered here.


    You will need to change the format of your games from .iso to .wbfs, there are a lot of programs which allow you to do this.

    You may choose to use sd or hdd

    Forwarders work, but you will have to make sure you are using one specifically made for vwii
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