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    alright, so i recently built myself a gaming computer (running windows 7), and i now have the chance to see how bloody slow my old laptop (also running windows 7) is. I own a copy of windows xp, and my laptop does have a bunch of unused partitions (im probably not using the right word for those). My laptop has the following specs:

    amdv140 processor, 2.3 ghz
    3gb of ram (yes, 3)
    amd hd 4000 graphics (integrated, its pretty bad from experience)
    operating system(s)
    -windows 7

    I want to use this laptop for school, and so far, its really slow, making it difficult to deal with. so, i was wondering, would setting up a dual boot of 7 and xp and using xp as the primary operating system improve speed any? what i mean is, will windows xp run better on this laptop than 7 does?
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    If your "old" laptop has never had a wipe and clean so to speak, thats the reason for it being slow. Simply back up what you need to keep, and format and reinstall Windows 7. That will bring your laptop back up to the speed it was when it was new. Typically speaking, any machine will start to slow down over time as the system gets clogged up, defragmented etc. I find that its just common practice every 12-18 months or so to just backup, format and reinstall.
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    Windows XP is indeed lighter than Windows 7.

    As for Linux wise Ubuntu is considered bloated these days. You need to opt for lightweight distribution, such as Crunchbang for example.