usb loader and backup launcher questions

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    Jan 1, 2010
    hi everyone

    i've spent the last 2 days reading hundreds of forum posts and tutorials but i'm still confused. i'm hoping you can help me...

    i have a wii which is running 3.2e and gamma backup launcher v0.3 with ios249. this has been working great for ages, but recently i've started getting the dreaded #002 error [​IMG]

    at the same time, my wii also has usb loader v1.0 installed. my wii is connected to a usb disk with a wbfs partition. again, this has worked fine for a while but i'm starting to get the #002 error

    things seem to have moved on a lot since i installed gamma and usb loader! and i'm stuck on choosing the best upgrade path. unfortunately, there's that much information online about different combinations of setups i'm unsure of what i need to do in order to update my backup launcher and usb loader software for my specific config

    any help or guidance, or even just a link to a tutorial that will work for me would be greatly appreciated. again, my setup is as follows:
    wii firmware: 3.2e
    gamma backup launcher v0.3
    usb loader v1.0

    basically, my goal is to prevent the #002 error

    thanks [​IMG]