USB DVD drive stopped working :(

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    I has problem :(

    My netbook obviously has no DVD drive so I got hold of a USB one. Uses 2 USB slots, one for power, the other for data transfer. But it's kinda had a senior moment and stopped working. Halfway through a DVD it suddenly decided to die on me, and now all I get when I plug it in is 'USB device has malfunctioned and Windows has not recognised it'. There's virtually no way it could be damaged, the damn thing's just a solid block with some cables jutting out the back. I got it to recognise the DVD drive for a few minutes this morning, only for it to refuse to accept the prospect of a disk being in there. It has power, which implies the problem is with the data cable. But it's an odd shaped cable, and I don't know where to get replacements for it. I don't even have the box for it so as it lacks markings of any kind, I don't even know what make it is.

    Any suggestions?
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    Picture of the cable, DVD drive end?
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    Sounds like a Y end USB cable, I would assume with mini USB at the drive end. Replacements can be found on most online retailers like amazon.