USB drive having issues with GX 3.0

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by Pigmata1221, Apr 27, 2013.

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    Mar 16, 2012
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    So I just installed the new version of USB loader gx, up from 2.3, and it has issues detecting my usb drive. 2.3 still finds it perfectly, but 3.0 doesn't show any of the contents when I load it up. Odd thing is, if I reset 3.0 to default values through the app, then load up the .dol from within wiixplorer it works fine. I am using usb port 1 I believe, the one further from the side, as the other broke during a move long ago. Using cIOS 250 r21 for both version of GX btw. Any suggestions?
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    cIOS r21 is a little old.
    update your cIOS to the latest d2x cIOS version 10.

    There are two different versions :
    v10 : normal cIOS.
    v10-alternative : same, but with Plug-and-play USB Accessories support + Support for USB1.
    If one doesn't work, try the other one.

    You need to install this:
    Slot 249 : d2x cIOS v10, based on IOS 56
    Slot 250 : d2x cIOS v10, based on IOS 57
    test your USBloader.
    If not working, try again with this:

    Slot 249 : d2x cIOS v10-alt, based on IOS 56
    Slot 250 : d2x cIOS v10alt, based on IOS 57
    Test your USBLoader.

    To install/update your cIOS, you can do it manually using the "d2x cIOS Installer" or with Modmii+Wad manager.

    You need to plug your USB drive in Port0 (the one near the edge).
    If Port0 doesn't work anymore, then you need the d2x Alternative version.

    You can tell USBLoaderGX to boot from Port1 automatically without waiting for Port0 check.
    - Open your sd/apps/usbloader_gx/meta.xml file in a text editor.
    - fully delete the two lines with "remove this line to enable arguments"
    - set usbport=0 to usbport=1
    - save the file

    It will now check Port1 instead of port0 first.

    Port1 works only with these cIOS:
    - Hermes cIOS v4, v5, v5.1
    - d2x cIOS v9
    - d2x cIOS v10-alt
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  3. Pigmata1221

    Pigmata1221 Member

    Mar 16, 2012
    United States
    I did everything you posted, and everything worked great, thank you for that! But after I had shut down my wii and loaded it back up again, GX does a 20 second countdown to find the usb drive, and then says "Mounting USB Drive" for awhile afterwards. The first time I loaded it up, it went straight into the program with no delay. This is a minor inconvenience but if you happen to know off the top of your head why that happened i'd really appreciate it. BTW the drive is a 320 gb external formatted with fat32, if that helps.
  4. Pigmata1221

    Pigmata1221 Member

    Mar 16, 2012
    United States
    Ah, I figured it out. Had to go into the GXGlobal.cfg file and change the CIOS to 250 and USB port to 1, back to normal again. Thank so much for you original advice!
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