Updating Graphics Drivers

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    So as anybody with a laptop with dedicated drivers knows: Laptop drivers are a frickin' mess. Not due to the Graphics Card companies but due to the laptop OEMs. Many want to provide updates they have tested fully on their laptops themselves instead of allowing the AMD or nVidia team to test them. The result is that we often end up with vastly outdated drivers. Luckily there are ways around this and most of the time the drivers work. Unfortunately this is not one of those times.

    My laptop has an ATi Mobility Radeon HD5650 card in it but the drivers Sony provide are very very outdated at this point. I think their version is ATi Catalyst 8.x while the latest is 12.6. I've directly downloaded the binaries to install the 12.6 drivers and installed them to my machine but there is a massive problem: All hardware video decoding is now defunct. THis is not nice since I like to watch videos using WMP or similar. It also affects Flash video (no video unless hardware acceleration is off). I can hear the video just fine but the video is just blank.
    During the install I have done just the default install (i.e. everything) and it said at the end an error occurred during install. When I click View Log nothing is loaded on my screen though. Any ideas as to where this file might be on my comptuer and how I could view it? Hopefully shedding some light on the situation. Also I've noticed I have a Realtek driver installed for audio out of my HDMI port and AMD includes a sound driver as well, could this be a source of the problem?