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    Jun 10, 2008
    Hello, my vWii was working fine with all games (except those that neede Microphones) and some told me to install cIOS 57 so I installed cIOS 57 with base 248 and now whenever I try to launch a game on WiiFlow the console restarts itself. So my guess is installing that cIOS fucked everything up, is tehre anything I can do? I've read about DOP-Mii and AnyTitle Deleter Mod, but I don't know if using them on a vWii will brick it and I really don't feel like risking it.
    Thanks in advance, I'm really desperate :S

    Edit: Forgot to mention, for what it's worth, I have a NAND bakc up from the time everything was working fine, should I restore it or can I extract the IOS from there and install it as a .wad?
    Also, does anyone know how to make the WiiFLow let me use the USB (there is no Hermes cIOS on WiiU right?) Mics?