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    I boot up SNEEK, just installed it. First thing I see on the SNEEK home menu is the disc channel, which says that I have a gamecube game inserted into my Wii. So I was thinking "the hell?", because I had Brawl in my Wii at the time. So then I eject it from the Wii and put it back in and now it says it's unable to read the disc. Also, I don't know if it matters or not but my SNEEK menu is filled to the max with apps I installed, and my emunand is on my usb hdd. I don't really mind having to load games from WiiFlow, but I still want to know how to fix this issue with my disc reader.

    EDIT: Now I get a DSI Exception error when trying to start Wiiflow from emunand... I followed @AbdallahTerro's guide btw
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