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    Mar 25, 2015
    United States
    So suffice to say im royaly confused. Ive heard reports of saying that soul silver needs to be ap patched. ive heard reports. cheats are only working let alone showing up at all for certain pokemon roms of the same game. some soul silver roms they show up on some they dont. Some Storm Silver rom hack roms cheats show up and some they dont. I can play a rom that cheats dont show up on for hours. But the rom that cheats are showing up for even with cheats off. crashs almost every 30 minutes. I Cant for the life of me find any info on what determines weather fucking cheats show up or what makes it so a rom does not crash. Or i how i can make it so i can play My Storm Silver rom with cheats without it crashing.

    Suffice to say im a tad fed up and anyone that could help... well you would be much appreciated.
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