[Tutorial] How to use the latest RetroArch on Wii U

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    Lots of people seem to have trouble getting RetroArch 1.6.0 or later to work, ever since it introduced the fancy new XMB menu. The reason everyone fails to get it working is because you actually need the XMB files on your SD card which are the menu icons for the new GUI. Here's a quick tutorial on getting the latest RetroArch running.

    1) First you'll need to download the latest RetroArch: http://retroarch.com/index.php?page=platforms
    2) Scroll down to Wii U and download the RPX version.
    3) Open the zip and drag the retroarch folder to your SD card
    4) In the same zip, browse to wiiu/apps/
    5) Choose the RetroArch cores you want. I personally use Snes9x2005, FCEUMM, GenesisPlusGX, Gambatte, mgba, and prboom
    6) Extract these from the zip. Then add them to your SD card in wiiu/apps/
    7) Now download the RetroArch XMB files: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzhZh67kgabrYWx4UmpLcDdiVE0
    Note: Works for 3DS retroarch also
    8) Open the zip and drag the retroarch folder to your SD card
    9) Delete your retroarch config file if you're coming from an older version, located in retroarch/retroarch.cfg
    10) Now you're ready to launch them from Homebrew Launcher
    11) To enable the analog for games, go to input > User input 1 > then set the analog to the left stick

    That should be it, you can launch a game by choosing Load Content > SD:/ When you choose a rom, ignore all the other emulators. Just stick to the one you originally launched. Example: Launching snes9x 2005 but then choosing snes9x 2010 will crash the system
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    You are on fire today making all those tutorials ! Nice job ! Actually I've thought you've needed to download ALL the cores in order to make it work xD.
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    Thank you! I can finally launch a game now without crashing. Does this version now support box art? If so, do you plan to add directions for adding games to the menus? Is it as simple as scanning for content?
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    box art tutorial please. :)
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    I want to know if Mame 2003 Midway has support for two players using WiiU Pro Controller. I have Mortal Kombat games running fine but it just uses Gamepad...
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    Hey, was about to ask about this and you just saved me some time! Thanks a trillion MK!

    XMB? DId RetroArch just copy the PS3's Cross Media Bar? I recall the version on the PS3 looks an awful lot like it, but I never thought they would port (pimp?) the GUI to another gaming system. That's gonna be interesting...
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    Yeah they cloned the look and feel of ps3's xmb.
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    Thank you SOOOOO much. Seeing that crashing error screen a dozen times was nauseating. This cured it.

    Now here is the $64 question...is it, and SHOULD IT be possible to get Neo Geo CD to run on Wii U's Retroarch? Because I went through so many tutorials, and they ALL relate to PC, but not much in the way for Wii U or Wii/vWii.

    Just saying...would love to get some of that NGCD on Wii U, and do it up on the gamepad instead of messing with the Wiimote and deal with NeoGeo CD Wii on the Homebrew Channel. also, going back to the question I asked earlier, while checking through tutorials, it says it will work on RA's MAME using MESS BIOS files and NGCD's roms(all in a .CHD file), but I'm not finding any other places to get the .CHD files.

    This is still new territory for me with RA on Wii U, while Wii/vWii didn't seem so different(except for NGPC never working whatsoever, and the only stable one for it was from a pack I found for my vWii). Anyway, NGCD...doable or nah?