[Tutorial] How to Change your CFW Emunand Region

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  1. jhiean

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    Mar 29, 2015
    This is my First Tutorial i hope it helps..

    This was tested only my 4.5 O3DS Palantine CFW (JPN) changed to (EUR) and vice versa. (EmuNAND only) not tested yet on 3DSXL or N3DS becanuse i do not have one


    Palantine CFW (How to setup Palantine CFW Here)
    3DS Region Swap Files (Edit: Please search for the files. it is not allowed here to link the file)
    3DS Dualnand by DarkMatterCore ( Icludes the conversion of emuNANDs Here )
    Cearp's 4.5 SecureInfo Injector ( Here )


    1. Setup and Boot to Palantine CFW, the link how to do it is above
    2. Put 3ds_450-10E_cia folder and (LEGIT CIA's for dual emunand purpose) on SDCard and install via DevMenu
    3. After installing EUR cia swap files, take the SDCard and connect to PC and click the (3DS Dualnand) redNAND to EmuNAND.bat as Administrator this will take a while.
    4. After Converting the redNAND to EmuNAND, Copy Cearps 4.5 SecureInfo Injector Launcher.dat and SecureInfo_A to the Root of SDCcard (take note to rename the palantine's Launcher.dat to LauncherOLD.dat so that it will not overwrite) then insert the SDCard to 3DS the go to Settings > Other Settings > Profile > Nintendo DS Profile to Boot Cearp's Tool then choose Inject SecureInfo_A on EMU you will see if the SecureInfo_A has been injected and turn off the 3DS console after that.
    5. Take the SDCard out on 3DS then connect it to pc and convert it back to redNAND using (3DS Dualnand), click the EmuNAND to redNAND.bat as administrator. this will take a while again.
    6. After converting delete Cearp's Launcher.dat on the Root of SDCard and rename the Palantine's LauncherOLD.dat to Launcher.dat
    7. Remove the SDCard to PC and insert to 3DS then Boot on Palantine CFW..

    Now You Have Region Changed CFW with NO Duplicate Apps..

    If you want a dual emunand just add this procedure after the last step above
    this was originally post by VerseHell


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    Mar 22, 2010
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    Well that's great but your download includes a secureinfo_a. even if it's 'public' I don't imagine you're allowed to share it here... check with mods, maybe?
    Is your eshop working, or didn't you test specifically because it's the public eur secureinfo?
  3. jhiean

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    Mar 29, 2015
    because this secureinfo_A is a public donor and yes my eshop is working for dualnand just make sure the RXTools emunand is on latest firmware just prepare 3 SD cards.. BTW i've already removed the link
  4. djalmafreestyler

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    Jan 31, 2011
    I can't find 3DS Region Swap Files anywhere. Can you PM me with it please?
  5. Jaitsu

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    Jun 2, 2015
    United States
    PM me too, please? I don't even know where to begin to look. All I can find is that Gateway launcher mod thread that people were complaining about bricks from.

    Edit: Found them... on a Spanish site, no less, but hey.
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    Sep 14, 2015
    Can you PM me this spanish site?
  7. 75mak

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    Nov 10, 2011
    Ok I have US console on 9.0-20u that I want emunand for euro region. Is it possible?

    I don't really want to downgrade to 4.5 and if possible I want to avoid using palatine. Would rather use rxtools in dev mode or pasta.

    I have euro cubic ninja if that helps.

    Can anyone suggest an easy method to get 9.0u to 9.0e emunand