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    I have a Supercard DS One and a DS Lite. Haven't had this DS even half a year. Anyway, last night I was recharging, with the SCDS1 on in sleep mode in GTA Chinatown Wars. I'm not sure if it was just after I flipped open the lid, but basically, the power went off when I didn't touch it.

    Anyway, I tried playing the game again. Seemingly out of nowhere, I get a crash--in the middle of play, the DS itself just shuts off completely.

    Today after airing it out (put it under a window fan for many hours, suspecting the unit(s) may have had some contact with water) I tried it again. I put it in sleep for a bit, and upon unfolding it (again in GTA) the screen was black. I was able to soft reset back to the SCDS1 menu.

    After that, I tried yet again. And I got a spontaneous crash just like I was having.

    So I'm trying to figure this out, is it a defunct DS or flash cart? I don't want to have to try to go about replacing what I don't need to.
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    Try turning soft reset off when you play that can sometimes cause crashes and freezes.

    Also try backing up your SD card and formatting it.
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    Hold L+R on bootup and see if you get any errors other than the harmless "not find test file" error. If you get the PSRAM error, it's a hardware issue.