Transparent backgrounds on the PSVita

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    Hey there! Today I'm going to show you a little trick I found out about recently that can help you create nice, lively backgrounds for your PSVita system. Now, from the settings shown one could gather that the only two options are static images or the stock animated backgrounds. Wrong - you can in fact use both at the same time, and to great effect at that!

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    How, you ask? Well, that's pretty simple!

    All you really need to do is select the part of the image that's supposed to be transparent, remove it from the image (Here Paint.NET or any other image editor allowing transparency will come in handy) then save it as .png.

    Once you have the image procured, transfer it to your Vita. Then, select the colour of the animated background you wish to use and once the wallpaper is refreshed, select your transparent background. Voila! You're now using both, and it looks great.

    You can really spice up your screens with backgrounds like that - in my case, it helped in organizing icons on the screen in categories.

    If you're interested in my set of Wallpapers, here it is! Have fun using the feature! ;)
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