Transformers NDS checksum cracked

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    Oct 25, 2013
    Well, I was just trying to find some exploit in the game Transformers for the NDS so I've cracked the savegame checksum protections but now it seems like it's not going to be easily exploitable (at least user name is not vulnerable to classic buffer overflows, while other data in the savegame causes crashes or deadlocks but I'm not sure if we can modify PC, it's more like an integer overflow of some kind)

    At the moment I've only tested it on the autobot US version but support for other versions/regions is easy to implement. I repeat that I just publish this with the aim to help if someone is getting started in the exploitation world, but also to see if someone can help me or is interested in looking for exploits in this game.

    The asm original code and the C++ code can be found here:

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