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    Feb 7, 2017
    United States
    Hey there,

    I am using TEMPGBA on a SC2 and I have been enjoying pokemon Sweet version which is a hack of Fire Red. my fire red is set to 128k in the TempGBA GameConfig.txt, but for whatever reason in pokemon sweet version it will not let me save even with an sram patch (done by myself)

    I do have a save state however, in the pokemon league area that i can open on my TEMPGBA emulator on the 3ds, however, i cant find a program that can read the save state on my PC, the reason for which is I need a save file to get past the elite four to complete the pokedex, if you dont have a save file, you can't continue after the end credits.

    Is it possible to load my .rts file in to an emulator on the PC? - an actual .sav is not an option with the ROM i'm using due to an unknown error.
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